Company Bootcamp

Bootcamp is a week of classes in a variety of styles and techniques to prepare for the upcoming Company Auditions.  It is also a great introduction to some classes!
Schedule coming soon!

TBD — PDC Company Bootcamp
TBD — Company Auditions 2020/2021

2019/2020 Company Results

Micro Company
Rebecca Crosier
Aly Eckard
Lucy Gucwa
Alyssa Johnson
Katelyn Purkey
Brinley Quinton
Alexis Streger-Jones

Mini Company
Brooke Conroy
Kylan Creager
Addison Fok
Emma Fok
Addison Kindelberger
Aanya Mathur
Layna Mazzotta

Petite Company
Emma Colbert
Jolynn Eckersberg
Clare Gucwa
Astrid Leippe
Brynn McKeever
Jacob Timm

Tween Company
Lainey Beamish
Clara Ealy
Aubrey Hancock
Natalie Hancock
Riley Leippe
Isabelle Slocum
Kaylee Winans

Junior Company
Jillian Cusick
Lorelai Kelley
Reagan Krupa
Libby O’Leary
Lily Powell
Emma Purkey

Teen Company
Alaina Campbell
Grace Gustafson
Katrina Haas
Lilly Jones
Abby Remmy
Greta Banks Sexton
Emma Kate Springer
Tavia Smith
Lauren Summerville

Senior Company
Natalia Foy
Bella Herrera
Nick Kleoudis
Paige Lisson
Stella Minicucci
Emily Smokovitz
Emma Stegall

Elite Company
Syd Kaufman
Mimi Losito
Mallory McCormick
Chelsea Slocum
Fiona Smiddy
Rachel Smith
Britt Sutton
Parker Sutton
Kaetlyn Tate
Maura Timblin
Kristin Wendorf

Level II – Micros
Level II/III – Minis
Level III – Petites
Level IV – Tweens
Level V – Juniors
Level VI – Teens
Level VII – Seniors
Level VIII – Elites

Dancer should enroll for the level that corresponds with their company team for all styles unless told otherwise.  Certain classes like tap and hip hop may be a different level.

Mandatory parent and dancer meeting September 12th at 9:00am.
Please email or check with Miss Kay if you have questions about which level you should be taking.