Class Descriptions

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is the perfect outlet for the young student who loves to dance!  Students will explore how their body moves, body awareness and how to share the space with others while enjoying music and dance games.  The class begins with ballet, moves to tap, and finishes with some tumble time.  This class will prepare pre-school-aged children to enjoy a more structured class in the future.

Ballet/Tap Combo

This is a great class for young dancers who are interested in trying two different dance styles. It is a Level I class, so it is more advanced than Creative Movement. The first half of the class is devoted to ballet, and the class finishes with tap.

Jazz/Acro Combo

This Level I class is a perfect transition to follow Creative Movement.  The beginning dancer is introduced to jazz technique in the first half of the class and finishes up with acro/tumbling time.


Ballet is a highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary based on French terminology.  It is the foundation for essential skills of dance that are found in all other dance styles.

TLJ (Turns, Leaps, and Jumps)

This is a technique class for jazz and lyrical dance styles.  Dancers will learn different types of turns, leaps, and jumps that are found in jazz and lyrical choreography.


Jazz is a high-energy and fast-paced class taught to popular music.  It introduces various dance steps in a traditional Jazz style.


Lyrical is a style of dance that fuses ballet with jazz and contemporary dance.  Lyrical dance is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics in the song.


Tap is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion.


Acro is a style of dance that combines dance technique with gymnastics tumbling.  You will learn skills such as cartwheels, bridges, rolls, limbers, walkovers and more.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is street-dance style performed to the latest hip hop music.  Dancers will learn the latest in hip hop skills and techniques.


Contemporary is a style similar to lyrical and is closely related to modern dance.  It combines strong and controlled legwork of ballet with contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation.

Musical Theater

Musical theater is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, acting, and dance.  The story of a musical is communicated through expression, music, movement, and technical aspects of entertainment.  It uses mostly jazz technique and is similar to what you may see on Broadway.


Pre-pointe and pointe classes are offered to ballet students to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe.  They stress correct alignment and correct classical ballet technique.  These classes require teacher recommendation or approval.